Dear Helpline, is my child safe online?

Are you a parent or caregiver concerned about children’s safety?

Fighting bullying with Milan

Bullying is very present in our lives and not limited anymore to the classroom or the school yard.

How effective and useful is the European harmonised number 116 111?

With the support of the European Commission and the hard work of child helplines in Europe, we have been working for the past ten years on a smooth allocation and operationalisation of the regionally harmonised number 116 111 across all European Union Member States.

Alliance to Better Protect Minors Online announces individual industry commitments

Creating a safe environment for children online is a key area of work for Child Helpline International.

LeadYoung – Jeroo Billimoria starting young

The persistent work of our founder Jeroo Billimoria for children’s rights and inclusion is inspirational.

One voice, one number: our new video

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the European directive reserving the number 116 111 to child helplines in Europe.