OPINION: “It is ok not to be ok, but it is always better if you speak it out”

For our most recent global child helpline data report, Voices of Children & Young People Around the World, we asked our #Youth to share their opinion on what stood out to them while reading the data.

Voices of Children and Young People in the EU

When we have the correct information, we can find the best way forward to meet the rights of every child and young person.

Voices of Children and Young People in Eastern & Southern Africa

Every year we survey our child helpline members to get a comprehensive regional and global picture of issues facing children and young people.

eLearning: Data Management for Child Helplines

Collecting, analysing and using data can help your child helpline make a positive impact on children’s welfare.

eLearning: Children in Migration

Children in migration are children first, and they are entitled to the same rights as citizen children, including their right to be heard. In an effort to bring this vulnerable group of children into the spotlight, we have developed a new eLearning module as part of our Inclusive Practice for Child Helplines series (find the Inclusive Practice for Child Helplines I and II here).

Let’s talk about violence…

Child Helpline International’s Executive Director Patrick Krens reflects on the findings of our report on global child helpline data from 2019, and their implications in the age of Covid-19.

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