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Child Helpline International works around the globe to help strengthen child protection systems.

We are Child Helpline International, one of the world's largest
collective impact organisations.

Our network consists of 181 child helplines and other organisations operating in 139 countries around the world. Since our founding in 2003, we have supported the creation of new child helplines and strengthened our network by sharing what we have learned from the best of them, with all of them. We have also collected and interpreted data from our members, which received over 20 million contacts, in 2015 only, from children and youth in need of help and guidance. These millions of individual stories and reports form a mosaic of how and where in the world children and young people are suffering injustice, abuse and dangers. We then present those stories to policy influencers, and effect the changes that improve conditions for children in meaningful ways, both globally and locally.

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