Child Helpline International's Eighth International Consultation

The Eighth International Consultation of Child Helplines is just months away!

Welcome to the page of the International Consultation 2016! 

Child Helpline International and Childline Thailand are proud to co-host this year's IC in Bangkok, November 14th-16th, at the  Centara Grand Hotel at Ladprao.

IC 2016 is under the umbrella of The Sustainable Development Goals, and it will focus on:

  • Ending Violence against Children

At the IC 2016, participants will be able to share case examples and learn best practices in protecting the rights of children. Importantly, the IC 2016 is the opportunity for child helplines globally to align on data collection and monitoring of the implementation of the SDGs.

  • Child Online Protection

Participants will discuss good practices and possible solutions in issues of child online protection and exploitation and present extensive research funded by UNICEF, under the UK Government's WeProtect programme. The attendance of the ICT and Telecoms sector will be crucial in this aspect.

Our data shows that of the 30,000 cases on cyber-bullying in 2011 and 2012, 68% of callers were from the Asia Pacific region. Cyber-bullying includes all elements of online abuse from bullying and trolling to mobile sexting. The IC 2016 aims to provide child helplines with tools to help respond to child online protection.

Child Helpline International recognises that some of it member child helplines have vast experience in preventing child online abuse, and also providing assistance when children and youth are victims of cyberbullying, sexting, or trolling just to name a few. The IC 2016 aims to provide a space where child helplines can share some of their tools to help respond to child online protection, and for Child Helpline International to continue the further gathering of best practices that can then be shared with the wider network, through E-learning modules to be developed in 2017. 

  • Gender

Child Helpline International launched its Gender Toolkit in November 2015 to assist all members in mainstreaming gender equality. The IC 2016 will explore the effectiveness of training modules and workshops and assess weakness/strengths to improve its usage. Understanding the importance of the gender equality for the fulfilment of human rights and particularly children's rights, the IC 2016 will incorporate a gender lens in all its themes. 

  • Child Helplines in Emergencies

From conflicts to natural disasters, children are always most at risk in these vulnerable situations. They might be separated from their families, experience loss, lack the most basic resources or need urgent medical attention. Child helplines play a critical role during humanitarian crisis and often manage to respond to children all the way through these difficult situations.


Another important element of the IC 2016 is the participation of Child Helpline International's Youth Advisory Councils (YAC), which was launched in 2014 during the last International Consultation. The YAC will play a key role in the development of the agenda and will participate in panels and workshops across the whole IC 2016. In parallel with this, Childline Thailand will work with local youth groups.

The Youth Advisory Council has recently launched an exciting fundraising campaign, in order to make sure that all nine members can attend this important event and participate as actively as possible.

Please consider supporting their effort by donating on their GoFundMe campaign


Target audience of the IC 2016 are

  • Child helplines;
  • Youth;
  • Relevant stakeholders;
  • Child protection networks, governmental bodies, global and regional partners and donors, local NGOs, INGOs;
  • Telecoms and the wider ICT industry.
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