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CHI Governance

Supervisory Board

CHI operates under the Dutch legal system as a registered foundation in the Netherlands. Within Dutch law there is an increasing emphasis on the personal liability of Board Members in both the private and non-profit sectors. This development has prompted many organisations to make a distinct division between advisory, supervisory and management functions within their organisational structure.

In late 2007, the then Daily Board and General Board of Child Helpline International unanimously decided that CHI should also reflect these changes in its governing structure. Following an evaluation, carried out by the General Board, the Articles of Association of Child Helpline International were revised and ratified by the General Assembly at the International Consultation in Amman, Jordan, in November 2008.

The current governance of CHI, as ratified by the General Assembly  of Child Helplines in 2008, consists of the following institutions:

  1. General Assembly of (National) Child Helplines (138 full  member child helplines as per September 2014)
  2. Supervisory Board with five Regional Representatives and  three Supervisory Committee members
  3. Management Board (Managing CHI Secretariat)
  4. CHI Secretariat

Supervisory Committee Members

 Jaap Doek Chair of The Supervisory Board - Jaap E. Doek

Since July 2004, Jaap E. Doek is emeritus professor of Law (Family and Juvenile Law) at the VU University (Vrije Universiteit) in Amsterdam. He is the chairperson of 'Aflatoun Child Savings International', an International NGO promoting social and financial education for children. Moreover, he is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Innocenti Research Centre' of UNICEF (since 2006) in Florence, member of the International Board of Trustees of the African Child Policy Forum' since 2004 (Ethiopia), member of the expert committee for the selection of candidates for the Annual Children's Peace Prize since 2006 (initiative of KidsRights, The Netherlands), member of the Advisory Board of Plan The Netherlands (2008), member of the Jury for the Human Rights Defenders Tulip an international Prize established by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (2008), and member of the Global Agenda Council on the Welfare of Children established by the World Economic Forum (2008). Furthermore, Prof. Doek has been, and still is, active as an advisor/consultant for, among others, the Special Representative on Children and Armed Conflict, the Regional Office of UNICEF for East and Southern Africa, a number of UNICEF country offices (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Nepal and Suriname) and some governments of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 


Treasurer of The Supervisory Board - vacancy










Jeroo Billimoria









Founder - Jeroo Billiomoria

Jeroo Billimoria is in the Advisory Council of CHI. She is the founder of Child Helpline International. Jeroo is considered to be among the world's leading social entrepreneurs and is now working on her ninth entrepreneurial venture. Jeroo grew up in Mumbai, India. Drawn to children, she studied social work and in 1991 founded Meljol, an organisation that provides opportunities for children to make friends across classes and castes and become leaders in their communities.

After spending much time with children living on the streets of India, Jeroo started working towards setting up a service which would provide a 24 hour hotline for children to call anytime. Finally, in 1996 Childline India was created. After an initial meeting in Pune, India 2001, in 2003, Childline India, led by Jeroo agreed to take on the strategic planning and consensus-building amongst child helplines around the world. This led to the2003 International Consultation, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and attended by representatives from 49 child helplines from around the globe. It was here that Child Helpline International (CHI) was officially launched.

Jeroo is a Skoll awardee, and an Ashoka and  Schwab Fellow. She currently works as Founder and Managing Director of Child and Youth Finance International, a movement working to ensure financial inclusion and ChildFinance Education for 100 million children and youth in 100 countries by 2015. Her other organization, Aflatoun, provides social and financial education to over 1 million children in 83 countries has been recognized among the world's top 50 NGOs.                                           

The Supervisory Board also consists of five Regional Representatives nominated by the members.

Regional Representatives (2014 - 2016)

Dumisile Africa - Dumisile Nala

Dumisile Nala is the Regional Representative for Africa.

Dumisile Nala has always had a passion and an urge for making a difference in the lives of people in her community. Based on this passion Dumisile studied towards a Bachelor's degree In Social Work. After graduating from the University of KwaZulu Natal, she worked for Childline KwaZulu Natal for a period of 4 years. She started as a Social Worker and in 2001 left the organisation as its Assistant Director. Dumisile then relocated to the United Kingdom where she worked and lived for a period of 8 years. During this period, she gained extensive knowledge in child protection, child mental health, foster care, and adoption issues. In 2008 Dumisile returned to South Africa and joined Childline National Office as its Assistant National Director. In May 2009 she became the National Executive Officer of Childline South Africa. She currently holds this position. 


Alejandro Lopez Sole

Americas and Caribbean - Alejandro Lopez Sole

Alejandro Lopez Sole is the regional representative for Americas and Caribbean.

Alejandro Lopez has a Master degree in Systemic Family Therapy from the Damaso Antonio Larrañaga Catholic University. He  has worked in the areas of women victims of violence, social reintegration, youth employment and development opportunities at local, institutional and community levels in areas of extreme poverty in Uruguay. Alejandro is the manager of Linea Azul (Uruguayan Child Helpline) at the Institute of Child and Adolescent of Uruguay which is dedicated to the care of child victims of abuse. He is also active in other projects. He is working as the Technical advisor of the International Work and Counseling Project funded by different international donors. Alejandro also coordinates the Commission dedicated to the Resettlement of Syrian Families Uruguay project of the UNHCR as a representative of INAU. Furthermore, he is the head of the Social pedagogical department and integrates the Council Board of the Tacurú Organization, next to being a Teaching Internship Supervisor at the Faculty of Psychology, Catholic University, experienced in working with families in the context of extreme violence and vulnerability.

Ilya Asia Pacific - Ilya Smirnoff

Ilya Smirnoff is the Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific Region.

Ilya has studied applied psychology, conflict resolution, strategic planning, resource allocation and communication strategies. He is a long-standing advocate of Human Rights and Rights of the Child as well as civil society development and promotion especially in the field of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Child Protection. He possesses a strong knowledge of Child Protection Systems both as a trainer and speaker at workshops. Currently, Ilya is the Executive Director of the Childline Thailand Foundation.

Erik Ott

Europe - Etik P. Ott

Erik P. Ott is the Regional Representative for Europe.

Erik has a more than 35 year broad experience in the field of youth care and child protection. His work varies from street children, community centres, shelters, socio-therapy for mentally disturbed children, supervision, training and management of social workers. The last 4 years he served CHI's  Taskforce Principals, Standards & Practices as member and chair. Since 12 years he is working for the Dutch helpline  'De Kindertelefoon'. He recently became the executive director of De Kindertelefoon.


Middle East and North Africa- Tahani Almajhed

Tahani Almajhed is the Regional Representative for the Middle East and North Africa.

Tahani Almajhed is the Director of Saudi Child Helpline. She received her bachelor's degree in Social Science from King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and her master's degree in Educational Leadership from Michigan University, Michigan, United States. Ms. Almajhed is a long-standing advocate of Human Rights and an activist in women and child rights. She is a certified trainer and has conducted various training in USA, UK, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Tahani also participated as a speaker at various national and international conferences and wrote a few scientific papers.  Some of her papers are: 'Spreading of Culture and the Prevention of Human Rights Abuse', 'Prevention of Sexual Harassment', 'Sex Education for Special Needs', 'Sexual Abuse Victim', 'How to Detect cases of Domestic Violence', and 'Child Abuse in Saudi Arabia'. Tahani also published a few manuals on domestic violence and organised several campaigns such as The Saudi Child Helpline Campaign at national level in Saudi Arabia with the slogan "Child talk all listen". 


There is one body responsible for the management function within CHI: the Management Board. This consists of the Executive Director and the Heads of Departments. The Supervisory Board does not have any day-to-day management responsibilities. Its duties are to assist the Management Board by providing it with expert guidance and support.

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