Giving a voice to children and young people
Mission, Vision, Goals

Shaping the world through children's voices.


  • A world where technology allows children to be heard, one by one, and through their voices shape the world and realise their rights.


  • To respond to children in need of care and protection and voice their concerns to policy and decision-makers.


Children are full citizens of the world. They need, deserve, and have an inalienable right to respect, nurturance, and support aimed at keeping them safe and helping them to participate fully in their lives according to their individual capabilities. Adults have a special obligation to ensure that children are safe and receive this respect, nurturance and support.

Child helplines provide children with unique opportunities to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs and to seek help in their own terms, without fear or inhibition. Trusted by children, child helplines help to keep children safe and to receive respect, nurturance and support. They do this through their own direct responses and by using the knowledge given to them by children to advocate on their behalf.

CHI exists because child helplines around the world gain strength from working together to express these shared ideals, values and beliefs.

~ CHI's Articles of Association, Article 2.1, March 2009


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